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Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder

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Vitamin E & Selenium Powder are known for their antioxidant properties. Vitamin E also assists muscular health and encourages a healthy reproductive system.

Available in 908gm for a 64 day supply.

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Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder   

Customer Review's

28/04/2009  Mrs CM Lawson rated the Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder
A very quick delivery and a good product. A very efficient company!!
03/04/2008  carole davis rated the Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder
very good
03/04/2008  carole davis rated the Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder
excellent product, worth the money.

Recent Questions about this product
From rebecca In uk (20 August 2010)
  Q. would this product help with shivers?
  A. Hi Rebecca,

There is no scientific evidence to show that a particular diet will be of benefit but some people do report that a high oil, low starch and sugar diet can be helpful. This is the type of diet that is also recommended for other muscle problems such as ERS (tying-up). Very high starch diets tend to make the body more acidic and usually result in a low omega 3 intake as less fibre is fed. Supplying more fibre tends to be beneficial for overall health and well-being and using good quality oil can help to put the body in a less inflammatory state.

Often this type of diet is combined with a Vitamin E & Selenium supplement & a feed balancer such as Equine America Top Form.

Josh @ tack direct

From emma ridley In hull (30 November 2009)
  Q. can this be used for horse that tie up?
  A. HI Emma,

Yes, exactly what it was formulated to help.

All the best,

Josh @ tack direct

From susan pask In scotland (02 March 2009)
  Q. This must be concentrated. How much do I feed?
  A. Hi Susan,

Follow this link below for more information:

Kind regards, Blair of Tack Direct

From kely In london (29 April 2008)
  Q. i have a epsm horse at the moment just has vit E in feed what does selenium do and why feed it togeather would feeding this to my mare help in anyway instead of just the vit E! have also hesrd that feeding selneium can harm horse is this true? sorry just trying to work out whats best to get
  A. Vitamin E & Selenium are both anti-oxidants and can be useful in promoting muscle tone & health. They generally work best in conjunction. However, I am not a vet and have little knowledge of epsm. Would suggest that you check with your vet if it is better to feed Vitamin E on its own.
Selenium can be harmful but only if fed in far larger doses than there is in this supplement.


From isabel In UK (07 April 2008)
  Q. Can you tell me all the ingredients in this product very allergic horse.
  A. Sorry for slow response, its the most difficult information to establish.
Ingredients list:
dehydrated alfalfa meal, dextrose, d-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of Vitamin E) 40 mg/kg, sodium selenite, vegetable oil, preserved with ammonium propionate.
Hope that helps

From laura In retford
  Q. Hi I have a horse that has slight stringhault as far as aware but can still do eveything to a high standard but i have read that vit e and selenium helps to maintain a good muscle bulk instead of wearing away is this true or should i look for something else
  A. Vitamin E & Selenium helps to develop & maintain muscle tone & muscle condition.


From pal hicks In gloucestershire
  Q. Can i feed this to help oil on food? I put about a pint of corn oil over racing mix to help with performance for point to point.
  A. Morning Pal,
There should be no problems with adding Vit E & Sel to feed. Its a great suppliment.
Steven M

From anne graham In uk
  Q. My mare has had dyorhea for about 8 weeks the vet has done a dump test which was worm free also nothing there that should not be there .Her coat is gleaming her hooves are fine and she is still willing when I ride her.She is kept in a field with her offspring who is now 12yrs old. My mare is 21yrs old going on 2 so will selenium help?
  A. It would perhaps be better to try a probiotic instead. Suggested products are Equine America Progest-wt or Animal Health Company Prozyme.